February 27, 2016

Three For Joffrey, Go Fund Me

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We would like to introduce you to Emalynn Vento, Hannah Thiele and Hannah Lira, three of Arrowhead MotionArts’ premier dancers.  They have been accepted intoThe Joffrey Ballet School West LA Summer Intensive program, and are looking for help with funding.

Emalynn Vento (age 12), was only 4 weeks old when she first entered a dance studio strapped to her mother’s back, who was a dance instructor. As Emalynn grew, her passion for dance was undeniable and she was eager to take any class she could including tap, ballet, jazz, modern, pointe and gymnastics. Emalynn is also passionate about music and is an accomplished pianist of 7 years. Her knowledge of music only enhances her ability to dance within the notes. Emalynn will always push herself to leap higher, point harder and turn out more. As graceful as this young lady is in class, she provides plenty of entertainment with her clumsiness outside of class. We always like to tease, “And this is why her middle name is Grace!”

Hannah Thiele (age 13) began taking dance at the age of 3. And immediately fell in love with anything related to dance and gymnastics.  We joke and say this girl has no bones for she can literally twist her body into a pretzel to give everyone a good laugh. For the past 10 years she has dedicated herself to learning everything she can related to dance and gymnastics. Not many homes provide a rock climbing wall in their living room, where you can find Hannah swinging upside down in the splits, from the ceiling, on a regular basis. Her ability has no limits and her extensions reach to the moon. In her spare time, this young lady enjoys baking and cleanliness takes a back seat to creativity-“they don’t call her Hurricane Hannah for nothing”. 

Hannah Lira (age 13) took her first dance class at the age of 4. She has taken it very seriously since day one. She has studied ballet, tap, jazz, pointe and modern. She was forced to take one year off due to financial restraints but her passion for dance would not let her stay away for long! Fortunately, Arrowhead MotionArts made it financially feasible for Hannah to start dancing again and off she went.  Even though she was a year behind the rest of her class she worked diligently to catch up and in just six months she was able to go en pointe!  Hannah's quote that keeps her going is "It never gets easier, you just get better!"  Besides dance Hannah is a beautiful artist, creative through and through.

Currently these three amazing dancers are instructed by Kelly Vento, owner and artistic director of Arrowhead MotionArts.  Ms. Vento, alongside her partner, Michele Bryer took their shared vision to make dance, gymnastics and fitness instruction available to the mountain community at below industry tuition rates a reality. As a result, Arrowhead MotionArts was created in 2013 and since then, hundreds of local students have benefited from their personal goal that anyone who wants the “Arts” can afford the “Arts”. In 2015, Kelly and Michele realized that it was not only tuition fees that families financially struggled with, but also with the extras such as costume, shoes, recital, competition and audition expenses—all of which quickly add up. After a summer of brainstorming, a perfect solution had evolved. Each family would be provided the opportunity to fundraise and whatever they raised, that family would be the sole beneficiary of those earnings to use toward non-tuition expenses. As a result, several students have already earned well over a hundred dollars in just a few months. 

 Each year, aspiring dancers around the country, audition with the hope that they will be accepted into prestigious summer intensive programs with major ballet schools. This year was the first year Arrowhead MotionArts felt they had dancers ready to compete alongside some of the most amazing dancers in Southern California. Emalynn Vento, Hannah Thiele and Hannah Lira were chosen to participate in two auditions. In spite of a long road-trip, nerves and many obstacles in between, all three beautiful young girls were accepted into both schools they auditioned for!

Unfortunately, with this great honor comes a great price, and for these families, excitement soon turned into the realization that this dream may be out of reach. So far, Arrowhead MotionArts has been able to overcome financial obstacles on behalf of our families with a little creative thinking, but realize that this time our dancers need the generosity and support of others to see their dream of attending The Joffrey Ballet School West LA Summer Intensive program a reality.

 The program is available in 1 through 6 week sessions and the costly tuition fees are based on the amount of weeks students are enrolled in. In true Arrowhead MotionArts spirit, our goal is to send all three girls for a few weeks, but would be extremely grateful for any amount of time they are able to attend. One-hundred percent of all funds raised will be divided equally among the three girls to pay for the The Joffrey Ballet School West LA Summer Intensive program expenses. In the event that someone cannot attend, the funds will be divided amongst the remaining participants.

If you are unable to provide financial support, we ask for your support just the same—these wonderful young ladies would love hearing from you and receiving words of encouragement. Lastly, thank you for sharing our vision and supporting the “Arts”. It truly makes a difference in the lives of our children, “oran a azu nwa”. (African proverb translated as “it takes a village to raise a child”.)

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  • Website URL: http://gofundme.com/threeforjoffrey
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