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April 14, 2015

Ten Must See Museums in San Bernardino County

Written by  Kimberly Johnson
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Keys Desert Queen Ranch Keys Desert Queen Ranch

By Kimbery Johnson--                                 


Tucked inside the confines of San Bernardino County is a small legion of museums waiting to be explored...



 Unknown to many, they offer up pivotal knowledge about SBC history and far, far beyond. As an introduction to some of the most intriguing places that fly under the geographical radar, here are 10 museums in San Bernardino County you should visit:

1. Redland’s Kimberly Crest House and Gardens is a French chateau-style Victorian mansion that pulls you in with lavish landscaping and pristine Victorian architecture. If you are a lover of ambiance and and the rich culture of mid 1800s, you’ll want to head here.

2. The Route 66 “Mother Road” Museum honors one of the great landmarks running through San Bernardino County. Route 66 was one of the original full- fledged highways in the United States, dating back to 1926. The museum takes the best of the best memorabilia, placing it under one roof, offering it up to the nearby community and travelers looking to make their own mark on the historic road.

3. The Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art, located on Chaffey College’s Rancho Cucamonga Campus, is a one-stop-shop for must see art surrounding artists working and living now. The atmosphere of the museum is one that is carefully nurtured by the artists and curatorial staff that utilize the space several times a year to erect new and exciting installations. For a look at current and future exhibitions, click here.

4. The Yucaipa Valley Historical Society Museum is feast for historical, cultural and agricultural exploration. Also referred to as the Mousley Museum of Natural History, its landscape offers a glimpse into some of the early churches, homes and  businesses that laid foundation on the land.

5. The Yanks Air Museum, located in Chino, is ready to serve the aviation lover in you. The museum focuses on 20th century America aviation equipment, even giving the audience an up close and personal look at the towering vehicles which opened up a completely new door for innovation and travel.

6. The Historical Glass Museums is one of Redlands best kept secrets, located on Orange St. in a stylish Victorian Era home built in 1903. The foundation purchased the house in 1977 and began filling it with glass relics from centuries of glass blowing innovation.

7. For the adventurous museum attendee captivated by archeology, the Calico Early Man Site, is a must see. Located in Barstow, the museum highlights are the excavation workshops and their quarry sites— highly hands on and interactive.

8. Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex is your go- to for all things astronomy. Here, you can learn about the equipment used to study the stars, and even catch a view of outer up through the professional specs.  

9. For the in-the-know art connoisseur, Joshua Tree is an obvious goldmine full of scenic views and unique geographic quirks. Keys Desert Queen Ranch, one of the city’s most beloved historic houses, is a huge treat buried in the area’s rustic, natural landscape.

10. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, that’s why the Original McDonald's Restaurant Museum is such a huge treat to have. Opened in 1940, this location is the site of the very first McDonald’s. Now, it holds some of the most rare memorabilia from one of the world’s biggest companies, Mickey D’s. 

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