• Arts Advocacy Training at the Garcia Center next week
    Arts Advocacy Training at the Garcia Center next week March 8, 2019: 10-11:30am. We all know the arts make a difference in our lives. We all remember that one performance, painting or poem that changed our perspective or helped us through a difficult moment. But how we do talk about the arts with our assembly members, our city council members and other funders in order to advance creative opportunities locally and across our region.Let’s start with a few basics.Join Patrick Brien, Executive Director of…
    February 25, 2019
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Member Spotlight

  • "Imperfect Construct:" Photos by Steve Thomas at the Gresham Art Gallery
    "Imperfect Construct:" Photos by Steve Thomas at the Gresham Art Gallery Arts Connection's newest board member will be exhibiting a new series of photographs at the Gresham Art Gallery at San Bernardino Valley College, February 11-28, 2019. Thomas explains that "the exhibit explores human interface within various environments. However, I am exploring extreme and vertical panographic images. This type of photo absolutely challenges perception. With "Imperfect Construct," the lens is moved through space during exposure and imperfect representation space prevails. Objects are stretched or compressed or…
    January 25, 2019
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Arts Connection was created to share knowledge and resources, support initiatives that engage, encourage and advocate community building through the arts, and offer funding solutions for progressive projects, art organizations and artists.

We are committed to all of our communities and neighbors, acting as an umbrella to arts organizations, creating partnerships, and providing the services and support needed to successfully fulfill our individual and collective goals in the visual, performing, literary, and cultural arts. 

One of the most important initiatives is connecting financial resources to creative endeavors, events and projects that support artists, community building, cultural planning and public arts programs. 


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